Uber approved car hire in London

If you are looking for Uber car hire in London, you've come to the right place. Get in touch with Hirebrid for more details. 
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Reputable PCO car hire services

Are you looking for Uber car hire services in London? Do you require Uber approved PCO car hire from hybrid PCO specialists? With a reliable experience, Hirebrid provides safe, secure and insured vehicles for hire to PCO licence holders. All our cars are Uber ready and PCO approved and they also come with breakdown cover. We also offer maximum flexibility contracts to choose from.  
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Uber approved and insured cars

You can depend on Hirebrid to provide Uber approved, insured and serviced PCO cars. Contact our team for details.
We are based in London. 

Why choose us

Why choose us?

Uber ready and PCO approved car hire
Fitted with approved cameras for safety
Fully comprehensive private hire insurance
Fully serviced vehicles
Breakdown cover

Flexible Contacts

Flexible contracts

You can choose between weekly, monthly or best rate contract for 3 months. Get in touch with the experts in PCO car rental services to book a service tailor made to suit your need.

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If you're looking for Uber car hire services in London, contact Hirebrid

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